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Integrations Overview
Integrations Overview

A guide to Puzzle's basic integrations (not including with FP&A tools)

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Who does Puzzle Integrate with?

Puzzle integrates with many of the preferred providers Founders use. Currently we have direct integrations with the partners below:

Partner Name




Banking, Corporate Cards, Reimbursements

Corporate Cards, Bill Pay, Reimbursements

Payment Processor


Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable

*Note: If you are not using one of the partners listed above, Puzzle can connect to most banks and credit cards via Plaid.

How Often does Puzzle Sync?

Puzzle syncs with the above partners each day overnight.

If you are connected to Puzzle via Plaid your transactions will sync with Puzzle daily. Plaid will only sync with Puzzle when transactions happen, so if there are no transactions for a few days Puzzle will sync on the day following the most recent transaction.

Can I Link Multiple Accounts?

Currently Puzzle can only support one account login per institution. In other words, if you have 2 bank accounts with Chase under different logins, you will only be able to connect one of the accounts. However, if you have 2 bank accounts with Chase under the same login, you will be able to connect both of your accounts to Puzzle.

Puzzle cannot support multiple Stripe accounts at this time.

Integrations Help

Below are some linked answers to questions we frequently get asked!

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