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Integrations page FAQs
Integrations page FAQs
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Why do I need to connect all of my financial accounts?

Puzzle transforms your financial account activity and balances into an accounting format. In order to provide you with real-time, complete financial information, we need read-only access to your financial accounts.

We want to ensure your data is reliable and secure. We take data privacy seriously and encrypt your information up to industry-leading standards.

What if my provider is not listed?

Although you may lose some automation capabilities, typically we can make it work! You can add an account and its transactions manually for bank and credit card accounts. Please email us at [email protected], and we will help with any manual setup.

How do I disconnect an integration?

You can disconnect an integration on the Integrations page by opening the account detail and clicking "Disconnect." No further data will be imported from that integration.

How do I delete my data from Puzzle?

You can delete all of your data from the Company Settings page under "Delete all financial data."

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