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Finalization & Transaction States
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Finalization in Puzzle

When you swipe your credit card, receive an equity investment, or get paid money for a service, Puzzle helps you categorize where the transactions belong for financial accounting.

This enables Puzzle provide real-time financials. However this financials have not been reviewed.
To help users gauge the completeness of their real-time financials, the dashboard provides 2 concentric circles next to each time period to indicate the percentage of the dollar volume of transaction categorized and finalized.

These are summed up from the "transaction states" on the Transactions tab

What is a transaction state?

Within the Transaction tab, you will see a series of colors/shapes that represent the state of the transaction.

A transaction state has a color and a shape:

  • The colors signify the level of finalization of the transaction

  • The shape represents how the transaction got to its current category

Transaction Colors

  • Green means the transaction has been finalized; these categorizations are locked and cannot be changed without undoing the finalization by clicking on the transaction state

  • Blue means a user has interacted with the transaction in some fashion

  • Grey means only the Puzzle system has interacted with the transaction

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