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Migrating Historical Financials to Puzzle
Great! I’m ready to start the conversion. What should I do?
Great! I’m ready to start the conversion. What should I do?
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Step 1: Sign-up for Puzzle! Set up your account here.

Step 2: Select your Puzzle Start Date. This is the date that you would like to start your accounting directly in Puzzle. Worded another way, pick the start date of your trial balance in Puzzle. We will convert all account balances before the Puzzle Start Date into Puzzle as opening balances using our chart of accounts. For ease of conversion, we recommend selecting the first date of a month after your most recent finalized financial statements. For the most insight comparisons in Puzzle, we recommend transferring your books for the entire fiscal year. Most companies select January 1, 2023 as their Puzzle Start Date.

Step 3: Confirm your QuickBooks numbers. To ensure the most accurate and timely conversion, review your historical account balances on a monthly basis in QuickBooks. Make sure these are the right numbers that you want to transfer over to Puzzle.

Step 4: Connect to QuickBooks Online in Puzzle.

If you have direct access to your QBO account, we ask that you connect your account directly within Puzzle. This gives us the ability to access your files directly in QBO so you do not have to lift an extra finger or click another click! Note: we currently do not support this option for QuickBooks Desktop.

There are two ways to connect to your QBO account.

Option 1:

During onboarding set-up, you will have the option to connect your QBO account before connecting any other accounts (e.g. bank accounts, credit cards, payroll, etc).

Option 2:

If you already connected your accounts, you have the option to connect your QBO account any any time under “Integrations.”

Option 3:

If you do not have access to your QBO account, send us your financials. Request or download your historical reports by month (Excel or CSV).

We’ll need:

  • Historical month-by-month trial balance

  • Historical General Ledger

  • Any additional information about your financials*

You may need to ask your bookkeeper for reports. Email these to [email protected]. We will map your accounts to the correct account in Puzzle and send you the mapping for review.

Step 5: Agree with the account mappings before we finalize the migration on our end.

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