Migrating books to Puzzle

How to Migrate from QBO (or another accounting software) to Puzzle

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Migrating from a different accounting platform to Puzzle is seamless and easy! Puzzle’s conversion service moves your data from QuickBooks or Xero directly to Puzzle. The transfer of records to QBO is so easy that you’ll wonder how we did it.

Puzzle transfers your financial data from QBO (or any other accounting software) for you. No extra work is needed on your end. We take care of everything.

See your trial balance, balance sheet, and P&L in Puzzle right away.

During your onboarding, we can migrate your monthly ending balances from QBO (or any other accounting software) directly into Puzzle. We create monthly journal entries directly in Puzzle based on your closing monthly account totals in QBO. This ensures we balance your Balance Sheet and your P&L/Income Statement in Puzzle.

What We Need From You

In order to successfully migrate your books over to Puzzle there are a few items to complete on your end:

  1. Books closed as of an agreed upon date

    1. This means that all journal entries and adjustments for the period are finalized and no changes will be made.

  2. Historical Trial Balance

    1. Trial balances for the periods you would like migrated over to Puzzle.

  3. Mapping Overview Call

    1. Your Puzzle advisor will do an initial mapping of your previous accounts to the Puzzle Chart of Accounts. They will then schedule a call to make sure everything is mapped correctly.

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