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What is included in "spending" in Puzzle?
What is included in "spending" in Puzzle?

In Puzzle, "spending" refers to all non-payroll purchases that are paid to a third-party vendor in exchange for goods and services.

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That means they have been categorized to an expense category type in Puzzle.

What is included in spending?

Spending includes all money moving out of a bank account or credit card (”money out”) with a category that represents an expense. The expense category indicates that it represents a direct payment to third-party vendors for goods and services.

What is excluded from spending?

In contrast, purchases do not exclude money moving out of one of your account into another, such as credit card bill payments and bank transfers. Payroll is also excluded from spending. Payments of debt are also not included in spending. Any spending transaction whose category is a balance sheet account will not be included in spending.

Where can I see more details about payroll?

For more information on the breakdown of payroll-related spending by department, employee, and account (e.g. salaries, payroll taxes, benefits), please refer to the following resources:

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