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How to Import Manual Accounts in Puzzle
How to Import Manual Accounts in Puzzle
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Sometimes you have an account that’s not directly integrated with our automated connections.

This means there’s some manual work required to have a complete financial picture of your business.

The steps are simple:

Create a new non-integrated account

Add your entries at least once a month

Here’s how.

Adding a Non-Integrated account

You’ll want to import a csv under a non-integrated upload, ironically, under Integrations.

Navigate to Integrations —> “Add integration”

Choose “Add an account.”

Title the account and fill in the details.

Add the name of the institution, the type of account, and an account name/number. These will help you identify this account when using the Puzzle app in various reports and transaction pages.

Step 2. Importing Transactions

Once the account has been created, click "Manage Account"

Then select "Import Transactions"

Select the matching account from the dropdown.

Download the CSV template.

You can also find the template here (Make a copy).

Modify the template to match formatting (no commas in numbers, date must be mm/dd/yyyy and each transaction must include a description.)

Delete the instructions on the file.

Paste the transactions from your download into the Google sheet

Download as a csv.

Go back to Puzzle and upload the file.

Ongoing Maintenance, At Least Monthly Importing

Each time you want updated financials, you’ll need to export from your bank or credit account and edit our template file to import (recommended at least monthly).

There are two ways, (1) from the Integrations page or (2) from the Transactions page

Option 1: Import from Integrations page - steps are the same as outlined above ^

Option 2: Import from Transactions Page

Select the account from the dropdown

Modify the template to match formatting (no commas in numbers, date must be mm/dd/yyyy.) If you have any trouble, email [email protected] or use our chat widget and we’ll get in touch.

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