FAQ: Pricing

What to know about free and paid plans with Puzzle.io

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Free Trial

What is included in a 30 day free trial?

You have access to all of Puzzle’s premium features. In other words, you get access to all features included in the Automation plan, valued at $250/mo.


What’s included in the Formation plan?

For details see our pricing page.

What’s included in the Startup plan?

For details see our pricing page.

What’s included in the Automation plan?

For details see our pricing page.

What are the restrictions of the Formation plan?

You’re free to stay on the Formation plan (aka our free plan) as long as you like, so long as you have less than $15,000 in monthly expenses.

What happens if I have greater than $15,000 in monthly expenses?

Companies who have greater than $15,000 in monthly expenses, can upgrade to one of our paid plans to continue to access all the value that Puzzle offers.

Once the $15,000 limit is exceeded, access to newly generated financial statements, reports, and insights will be limited.

However, you’ll always have access to any financial statements, transactions, reports, and insights that were generated prior to exceeding the $15,000 monthly expense limit.

Additional Services

Does Puzzle provide these services directly?

No, Puzzle is an accounting platform and does not directly provide bookkeeping, tax, or any accounting services directly.

However, we do have a network of partners who are experts in these services and we offer a white glove experience to understand the needs of your company and pair you with the optimal partner.

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