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The Monthly Checklist
The Monthly Checklist

Manage your month-end close process in Puzzle easily with the Monthly Checklist

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Puzzle's monthly checklist makes it easy to keep your books up to date with minimal time invested.
Simply go through the list at the end of each month.
Make sure to go in chronological order if you have multiple months to do.
And if you get stuck, we are here to help; reach out to us through the in-app chat.

The steps in the Checklist:

  1. Review data completeness (bank reconciliations) - ensuring all your transactions are included in Puzzle

  2. Review burn - ensuring balance sheet transactions are categorized correctly

  3. Review spending, vendors, and revenue - reviewing uncategorized transactions

  4. Prepare for taxes and investors - identifying new fixed assets

  5. Review outputs for consistency and insights - reviewing the P&L and balance sheet

  6. Finalizing & locking the month

  7. Custom - Any additional checks you wish to add.

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