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How to treat unreimbursed founder contributions to their business

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Sometimes Founders will personally pay for business related expenses that they will not be reimbursed for. There are a few different options for treating these expenses, however, the most common would be creating a Shareholder Loan account on the financial statements. This allows Founders to accurately track their unreimbursed expenses to the correct expense accounts.

To do this, create a new account in the Chart of Accounts called Shareholder Loan (click here for instructions on how to create a new account). This account should be set up as a liability account under the parent account Long Term Debt.

After adding the account, manually import the transactions that are applicable to the business (follow the instructions here). After the expenses have imported, ensure they are categorized to the proper account. The balance of the Shareholder Loan account should equal the total unreimbursed expenses from the Founder.

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