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What Reports Does Puzzle Provide?
What Reports Does Puzzle Provide?

You, your investors, or your accountant will want to know what reports Puzzle provides

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Puzzle provides 3 baseline reports on your Dashboard. These include a Puzzle specific Cash Activity Report as well as your Balance Sheet and Income Statement (aka Profit and Loss or P&L).

Additionally, we show your cash, burn, and runway on your dashboard.

Under Reports, there are also several other options to download either pdf, csv, or excel:

A super handy report to download is your Tax Package, which has all the financials your tax accountant should need to file your taxes.

Puzzle does not provide a cashflow statement. If you connected Gusto or Rippling, we also allow you to download these reports there.

You can also see your General Ledger detail for any account. This includes all accounts like AP, AR.

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