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Categorizing a transaction is a core action in Puzzle. It’s how you make sure your spending and cash receipts are included in the correct accounts for accounting purposes. In Puzzle, we try to make this process as simple as possible; this guide is designed to explain how you can do it.

Where to categorize

When you integrate your third-party accounts (e.g. banks, credit cards, payroll providers, payment processors), the primary accounting transactions get aggregated into a single Transaction feed within Puzzle.

Within the Transaction feed, you can categorize these transactions within either 1) the Transaction feed itself or 2) the side drawer for an individual transaction. Categorizing a transaction tells Puzzle the nature of what happened, allowing us to account for it!

Transaction feed categorization

When you open your Transaction feed, which you can access using the navigation panel within Puzzle, you will see a listing of transactions and the associated categories. Some of the categories are based on Puzzle-recommended rules and others are based on categorization that you have already performed in the past; all transactions remain in this feed. (See our Rules and Categories user guide for the different types of Rules that can determine the Category for a transaction.)

You can click on the Category label of any transaction to modify its category. A screen will pop up allowing you to select or search based on account title or associated keywords.

The new Category should be reflected both in the Transaction feed as well as any relevant financial statements and reports within Puzzle.

Transaction drawer categorization

You can click on the blank space of any transaction line to open a “drawer” on the right side of your screen. The transaction drawer reveals additional information about that particular transaction. The transaction drawer also allows you to split the transaction, create or edit a Rule for this type of transaction, assign another Puzzle user a task, upload supporting documents, and add comments.

Within the drawer, you can click on the Category assigned currently to begin the same workflow of assigning a different category.

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