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Sometimes a single item within the Transaction tab will contain more than one category.

For instance, you may might reimburse an employee with a single payment for expenses from a recent business trip, which includes travel meals, airfare, ground transportation, and lodging.

Similarly, a client may pay you a single payment for both a setup fee and one month of subscription.

In instances like these, the best thing to do is to split the transaction between two categories.

Within the Transactions tab, you can open the drawer for a transaction by clicking on the Description within the row (or anything to the left).

Within the transaction drawer, click “Split Transaction.”

You can now add two categories. To add additional lines, you can click “+ Add split.”

For this example, let’s assume the purchase from SparkFun was for $39 worth of equipment and $50 worth of consulting fees for setup. You can select “Consultants” as the second category by clicking on the duplicated category and changing it; this process is the same as applying an initial category.

If you enter $50 in the “Consultants” line, the remainder will automatically populate in the “Computers & Hardware” line.

You will also be required to add a “Description” to each line before saving. This will allow you to track what was included in the split. The more detailed you are, the easier it will be to trace the split back to the original third-party interaction.

The drawer will now show the split. You will also see the split (including your added “Descriptions”) in the Transactions tab.

From an accounting standpoint, each of the split categories applied will result in separate General Ledger line items, each of which will be applied to an account related to the Category selected.

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