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Managing Your Puzzle Account
Adding additional users to your company workspace
Adding additional users to your company workspace
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Step 1 - Navigate to “User Management” within your profile

Go to Puzzle and click on your profile → billing → user management. (Alternatively, use this link.)

Step 2 - Click “+ Add user”

You will want to choose whether or not to enable two-factor authentication for all users. You can also choose later if you want to decide for each user separately.

Step 3 - Grant the user proper permissions

Type the email of your accountant, bookkeeper, or other user when prompted. Be sure to give them the proper role:

  • Full Access: User can edit integrations and change the API, in addition to comment and categorize transactions.

    • This role is useful for anyone that you want to fully manage your accounting workspace.

  • Partial Access: User can comment and categorize transactions, and also download reports.

    • This role may be useful for outsourced accounting firms, tax preparers, and internal finance team members responsible for accounting.

  • Restricted Access: User can see all screens and comment on transactions, but they cannot edit anything.

    • This role may be useful for non-accounting team members, Board members, or advisors.

Decide whether you want to require two-factor authentication for this user.

You're Done! The new user will receive an email letting them know they now have access.

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